Floor Sanding

Common Floor refinishing methods

After doing all the preparation to refinish a floor, you need to decide on the right method to do it.


Screening also called scratch-sanding is used if you are able to catch your floor soon enough. Screening works well on worn finishes if the wood is not damaged, stained and never on wax finish.
You may simply re-coat the hardwood after removing existing non wax finish. This process needs a floor polisher or bluffing machine for floor restoration national floor sanding Sydney floor polisihing. Use special sanding disks of various grits. The discs should be clog resistant. It is a simpler method than using drum sanders that are required for complete finish stripping. However, belt sander is essential for sanding around the edges. Afterwards, you need to lift all the traces of dust and finish using a cloth soaked with mineral spirits. You will then apply a finish product which can be polyurethane or varnish.

Intensive refinishing

Intensive refinishing needs the use of a buffer orbital sander, drum sander, floor edger, lots of sandpapers and a shop-vac. It also requires paintbrushes, rollers and rags.
You can hire the equipment if you are familiar with their operations. The drum sander which is loud should be the first equipment to use. It will sand aggressively therefore should be tilted when starting before lowering it slowly to touch the floor.

Start at areas that more unnoticeable until you get the right rhythm. Be careful not to stop at one point or it will leave marks. Begin with 20-60-grit sandpaper for both drum and orbital sander working your way up till you reach 120. Clean the floors thoroughly between every round to prevent digging up of the surface. Once you are done with the sanding, color the floor if it pleases the finish. Remember to follow directions on these products look it up at and check the national standard of floor sanding products. There are many options for finish. You may use a varnish alone on colored and clear formulas. Polyurethane topped stain is a popular choice. You may also use tung or linseed oil covered with some wax.